November – GAME TIME!

Halloween just came and left… I hope you had a wonderful time (don’t forget to donate some of your candies… think this is one of the sites…!) I am going to post the great tips from our brand new BCBAs/BCaBAs from the August crop… enjoy!

Megan Woods of AZ

“I was put through the ringer by my supervisors. I had three, including Sorah Stein! I think that the varied experience with my supervisors was a huge help. I also used the PASSTHEBIGABAEXAM study guide and listened to the lectures while I drove. And, I reinforced my studying by allowing myself to watch episodes of Prison Break. :)”

Great supervision and Premarck!  Now that’s a wining recipe!

What about a little info and future plan, Megan?

“I have been working in the field since 2009 after my nephew was born with Down Syndrome. Graduated NAU IN 2012 and took my time with supervision while I started my family. I plan to go into working with individuals with dementia someday but currently work with adolescents in a residential setting.”

Thanks and congrats, Mrs. Wood!

Exam takers, keep on trucking! Work that EO (and AO)!

May the desired consequence be with you!

Best School: Ball State

Ball State University

Happy Halloween!

I started off the “Best School” posts with FIT. Now, I have our friend, Zack Migioia of Thrive ABA, to share his thought on his school. And while you are it, don’t forget to check out his study tips!

Ball State University: An affordable, convenient option for those looking for a master’s program in ABA.

Ball State University is one of the most innovative schools in the United States. Their distance education program is superb and I found the master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis to be very helpful in preparing me for a career as a Behavior Analyst.

For those who are interested in learning about both Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis, this program will give you a solid education and will help prepare you for a career in either the school, clinic or professional setting. I found the instructors to be very knowledgable and also found the content to be helpful and informative. Ball State University is a great school and I highly recommend that you check it out if you are looking for a graduate program in Applied Behavior Analysis.

Zack Migioia M.A., BCBA, LBA Thrive ABA Consulting LLC

Work Wednesday VI – Delayed Edition

J-O-B in Kentucky

Community Living in Kentucky (CLiK) is seeking Positive Behavior Support Specialists (PBSS) to serve children and adults with developmental disabilities whom present a variety of needs (intellectual disability, physical disability, skill deficits, challenging behavior, etc.) in the Warren, Allen, and Daviess County areas. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) preferred or behavior therapists with experience providing services under BCBA supervision. Minimum requirements include: Masters degree with 1 year experience. Full and part time contractor positions available. Direct and indirect billable services provided by CLiK include but are not limited to: formal development of Functional Assessment and Positive Behavior Support Plan, formal behavior tracking of target behaviors, development of teaching procedures to address skill deficits, creation of visual teaching materials, caregiver support and training, discrete trial training, precision teaching, and fostering independence by implementing self-monitoring procedures. All interested should contact CLiK Executive Director, Julie Cole at juliecole@clikgroup.com or 270-843-5300. Check us out online: www.clikgroup.com

BCBA Study Tips LXXI


English: CSUSB
English: CSUSB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Wrapping up the May Crop


Like I said, I am posting the last tips from our May BCBA tips… and I did say that I had something back-to-back in store. Tuesday I posted the tips from Lana. And today I have Dawnyelle. These two formed a great, great friendship, no, I should say SISTERHOOD during their time studying for the exam. So there we are, take it away, Dawnyelle!


Dawnyelle DeLongchamp, of CA


“How did I pass the BCBA Exam? The first and foremost reason was my belief in God and the peace He was able to give me during my study period. I woke up every morning reading the ‘Jesus Calling’ devotionals, prayed and thanked the Lord all day long for the opportunity to take and pass this test.


“Here’s a little info on my background: I was born in and have never left Southern California. I went to CSUSB and graduated with a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Special Education. I started my career as a Special Education Teacher and was in that position for approximately 8 years. I then went to CBU and graduated with my PPS credential and a Master’s in School Psychology. I started working as a District School Psychologist. This has been my current job for the past 7 years. To further my expertise in the field, I took the BCBA courses from FIT.


“How did I pass the BCBA?


Time Spent:


5-6 months before: 20-30 minutes a day 5x/week.


3-4 months before: 2-3 hours per day 5x/week.


2 months before: 5-7 hours a day 6x/week.


1 month before: 8-10+ hours a day/6-7x per week.


FIT (online courses) really prepared me and gave me a solid foundation in behavior analysis. With every course I made notecards from all of the PowerPoint slides presented. I started studying these notecards approximately 5 months before the exam. Through FIT, I also received many helpful study materials including ASR’s (active student response) which are applied scenario questions. Very helpful! I strongly recommend FIT!


  1. I had an awesome BCBA Supervisor! He lives, speaks, breathes ABA! This is key in becoming competent behavior analysts. You do by what you see, how you are taught, and how you practice.
  2. Two months before my exam, I ordered the BDS modules. I completed them to 100% in 3 weeks. Yes, I did memorized. However, I really feel BDS helped me on the actual exam in content and fluency. (https://www.behaviordevelopmentsolutions.com/)
  3. I ordered the Pass the BIG ABA EXAM manual and started studying it 6 weeks before the exam. I took it by chapter and studied until I understood all concepts presented. I made additional notecards for acronyms and AKA’s. I completed the whole manual. One week before the test, I went back through reviewed a chapter a day and took the chapter test (without looking back) and kept taking it until I had 100%. (http://passthebigabaexam.com/)
  4. About 5 weeks before the exam I joined several ABA Facebook groups (i.e. Students of Applied Behavior Analysis). I started following the “Behavior Jedi” and read all of the tips on his site (http://simpleaba.com/). He then helped me get hooked up in a private study group on FB. This group was amazing. What helped me most were the 100’s of sample applied questions posted. Not only would I answer the questions posted but, I also started posting my own scenario questions as well. I believe this was one of the key things that helped me really truly understand (not just memorize) ABA. I also realized I really like and have a knack for posting questions. Look for my study/guide and mock tests on Amazon soon!
  5. I printed out relevant articles and read them off and on throughout my studying. Helpful articles included: Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis (1968); An Implicit Technology of Generalization (1977); Right to Effective Behavioral Treatment (1989); Toward a Functional Analysis of Self-Injury (1994); and Functional Analysis of Problem Behavior: A Review (2003).
  6. I downloaded from FB, Mock questions/ASR’s from a BCBA professor from FIT on FB and went through and studied them. https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxsZWFybmFiYXxneDo0ZDQyZDliYTUzOTRlMGEw
  7. About 3 weeks before my exam, I signed up for and went to the live 2-day PASS the BIG ABA Exam Mock test. This helped me focus on what areas I still needed to study. It also gave me confidence in the areas I was strong in. I used these mock exam’s as study tools up until the day of the exam. (http://passthebigabaexam.com/)
  8. I started posting terms/concepts I had difficulty with around the house- in the bathroom, on the refrigerator, etc.
  9. I ordered and studied the Mark Valley BCBA prep book. This has two practice exams in it. Not all of the answers are accurate (3-5 inaccurate out of 300). However, after studying it was very obvious which ones were inaccurate. This helped me with fluency! (http://www.amazon.com/BCBA-BCaBA-Exam-Preparation-Part/dp/1477565337)
  10. I studied all Cooper quizzes online (http://wps.prenhall.com/chet_cooper_appliedbeh_2/) and Cooper chapter tests (I had received from my supervisor).
  11. For two months before the test (before I went to bed), I read the Bailey and Burch: Ethics for Behavior Analysts book. (http://www.amazon.com/Ethics-Behavior-Analysts-2nd-Expanded/dp/0415880300/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1411749631&sr=1-1&keywords=ethics+for+bcba)
  12. The weekend before my test, I Skyped online with another student from the FB study group. We had two 12 hour study sessions. We went over every content area line by line and wouldn’t move on until we could give each other samples and scenarios in each area. This was an amazing experience!
  13. I listened to all of the Global Autism Project videos on youtube. (https://www.youtube.com/user/globalautismproject)
  14. The day before my test, my mom and I drove to the testing site and found exactly where I needed to go so I wouldn’t have the stress of getting loss the next day. Afterwards, we prayed together and went out to lunch. That night I had a formal business dinner for my husband’s job. Once I got home I briefly reviewed FIT materials that I had left out by my bedside.
  15. I cumulated and created a long list of tips before the Big Day! (email me for these: dawnyelledelongchamp@gmail.com)
  16. BCBA EXAM DAY: I got up early read ‘Jesus Calling’ (Amazon.com/Jesus Calling Amazon) and prayed nonstop. I ate a light breakfast and left. As I drove to the testing location I prayed the whole way! As I walked in, I had a peace that I know could only come from Jesus! They took my picture, patted me down, checked my pockets, took my fingerprints, and finally sat me at my computer. About half way through I took a restroom break and continued to pray. When I reached #103, I realized if I didn’t click right on the next button my answers were changing to “D.” In fact, where ever I would click on the screen my answers would move around. I started to panic and went back about 20 questions to make sure my answers hadn’t changed. About 5 of them had. I decided at that point to complete the test first and then go back. I completed the test with only 20 minutes to spare. I started at number one and only got to 18 when time ran out. I walked out feeling defeated and not knowing if all of my original answers had stuck or if there had in fact been a computer technical error with my other questions. When I came out of the testing center my parents surprised me and were waiting with flowers. I told my mom what had happened and we sat and cried together. I put everything I had into studying for this exam. I went home feeling very upset. I continued to pray and put all of my trust and faith in God knowing whichever way the results came that there was a plan for me and I would thank Him either way! My husband and I were celebrating our 17th Anniversary in Cancun when the “PASSING” results came. We both held each other and cried, saying over and over, “Thank you Jesus!”


“My Future Plans: Complete my Study Guide/Mock Exam’s Book and Publish! Interact and help others to study for the BCBA. Continue to live, breathe, study, and apply ABA EVERYDAY!


“Jeremiah 29:11 ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”


 Dawnyelle A. DeLongchamp, M.S., BCBA


There you have it, the 16 tips from Dawnyelle! She planned it 6 months prior to the exam! See how she gradually shaped her studying behavior! There is NO QUICK FIX to it! Premarck yourself! Work that EO! Work that AO!


I linked most, if not all, the books and exam prep materials. The ones on Amazon are affiliated links. Let me know if you need help looking for the articles.


May tips done, August tips coming!


May the desired consequence be with you!






BCBA Study Tips LXX

English: The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhat...
English: The Brooklyn Bridge, seen from Manhattan, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Halloween is only days away… Kaitlynn Gokey, aka the Kait Lady, one of the many fine FIT co-instructors asks a few questions on Halloween over on the FB group, go check it out!

And Halloween is coming… so November is just around the corner…  I have two great, great, great tips posts which I will HAVE TO go back-back this week.

Let me start with Lana Revutsky of Brooklyn, New York. Remember awhile back I was pushing to roll out some May crop (and failed)? I was hoping to send her to her world travel tour in July but sith happens… anyway, here she is, back from overseas… smarter, stronger and more determined than ever. Take it away, Lana!

“I started studying 3 months out of my big exam. I first started with the BDS modules all the while obsessively combing through my FIT notes and aligning them with the task list. I had a filled out task list that someone shared with me but left it at traffic court where I beat a cell-phone ticket. In hind sight, this was a monetary fair trade agreement with the universe, as I ended up buying the Pass the Big ABA Exam manual which was the same price as my now beaten ticket. 9 hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night study sessions that mostly ended in my yelling at the CHH book, pacing in my office reciting facts and UMO’s while writing enough notes to render several dozen pens useless and provided a well exercised and well defined right forearm is how I think I passed this exam. I split the task list according the BACB website and attacked each section like someone trying to get home on an overcrowded 6pm train in NYC I gave myself 2 weeks per content area and left 9/10 for the last as it combines many terms and concepts from the other areas. I had many conversations on the FB’s Students of ABA. 15 hour study sessions with a new but now very dear friend and of course combed the internet for some magic formula that someone else used to pass. DON’T DO THAT! You will only make yourself crazy! The last 3 weeks before my exam turned into the craziest weeks of my life. I wrote a 15 page grant for my company, lost 10 pounds, slept 3 hours a night, and cried daily (I’m not even sure how I didn’t wither away from dehydration) The only advice I can give anyone tackling this mammoth of an exam is: it’s a marathon not a race. Pace yourself. Apologize in advance to all the humans in your life because maybe as I did, you’ll morph into some crazy version of yourself. Read the Cooper chapter summarizes. Do BDS. I repeat DO BDS! Don’t memorize them, really do them, take notes on concepts you don’t get, and discuss them with someone. Give your brain some breaks. I mean it! 12-hour study sessions are for college students hopped up on 2 pots of coffee! If its possible buy the Pass the Big ABA exam study manual, the Pass the Big ABA exam marathon weekend, and their mock exams. The manual will forever sit on my desk as a reference guide and their mock weekend scared me enough to study like a squirrel that only started to collect nuts in November. Lastly, just breath. Throw your weight at it. And remember its just a test. Not who you are and what you bring into this world.”

WOW! Thanks, Lana! Prepare, prepare, prepare, and be prepared! She knew it was going to be a huge battle physically, mentally and emotionally! And she did it!

Congrats and thank you, Lana!

We have one more from the May crop this week and we will move on to the August peeps.

BCBA Study Tips LXIX

The far-famed Georgetown loop of the Colorado ...
The far-famed Georgetown loop of the Colorado Central Railroad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lori Fry-Larson of CO

“I was not successful with BDS. The PASS THE BIG ABA manual, going through each task and writing notes with examples, safemeds, and the FIT mock exams.”

See not everything works for you… everyone studies differently and you need to adjust. Lori did just that. She worked hard and found what worked for her.

There are many other tips posted here (search BCBA, how to)… check them out and see which of our friends’ tips works for you!

May the desired consequence be with you!

***Boo-boo Update***

Here is Lori:

“I currently live in Indiana. I plan to continue my work as an Autism Consultant for a school district, and build my private clientele on the side.”

New — Best School: FIT


New Post Category: Best ABA School

As I mentioned on a previous post, there are changes coming. Every now and then someone would ask, “where is the BEST school for ABA?” in the study group… and you have no idea how many suggestions I get on how to tackle that… and I have been thinking to make sure the focus of the group is on Applied Behavior Analysis, not just BCBA, or BACB. So, I have decided to create new categories for BCBA/BACB-related posts. I will start with the Best School ones and I will add Best Prep soon.

Since I went to FIT. It will be the first featured school.

FIT: Florida Institute of Technology

I already got my Master’s degree already when I decided to become a BCBA, so I needed something that was

1) fast (as the program would start as soon as possible)

2) online (I was not keen on going anywhere… homebody, anyone?)

3) affordable (education is an investment… True but it is still money)

to complete the BACB requirement. I looked at the BACB website and I found a few programs that met my needs but FIT stood out. Shortly after I decided to apply for the program. The staffers, led by Ms. Beverly Strickland, at the FIT ABA program did their best to help me with the application, technical support, financial aid… you name it, and they would help you! I am not kidding, they are dedicated to help you any way they can!

It is an online program, so there are certain amount of video lectures students have to catch up each week. Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz keeps it educational yet entertaining! He is BEYOND great!!! The examples he uses are just so simple and everyday! He is passionate about teaching and helping others! You just have to see it to believe it! It was such an honor to meet him in person at Chicago!

Wait, so you are worried that there’s a lack of interaction because FIT is 100% online? There are weekly meetings you must attend and the co-instructors are more than prepared to walk you through the course and answer any questions you throw at them! Some of the co-instructors are products of FIT themselves!!!

In fact, many of them are in the aforementioned study group on Facebook! Corey Robertson, aka Behavior Guy, is the one who gave me the idea to start the group. They are dedicated to spread the knowledge of ABA!

Well, I hope this is a good way to start something new and more schools will be featured soon. Friends, if you want to give your schools a shout-out, please let me know and I will be more than happy to do so. And yes, exam prep suggestions, anyone?

I believe this is better than seeing “where is the best ABA school” in the group every other day, no?

More to come! Stay tuned!

May the desired consequence be with you!


A Partial View of the Milwaukee skyline at Dusk [credit: Getty image]

Dresden Goodwin of Milwaukee, WI


“Hey friends studying for the BCBA exam. My biggest study tip is to apply the concepts of ABA in your everyday life. What was my EO of ice cream eating behavior? EO= super stressed about upcoming BCBA exam…

“I also downloaded the quizlet app to my tablet and phone. Any free moment I had I was looking through the flashcards. It’s free and someone already made a great study guide for the BCBA exam.

“Feel free to message me for any other specific study tips. Good luck to all the September exam takers!”

Oops… did she just say SEPTEMBER EXAM TAKERS?

My apologies but her tips are still golden! You see Dresden Premarck-ed herself with ice cream… and how would you work your EO and AO? Let us know!




Changes Coming

I want to add ABA school/program, Exam Prep Reviews, and book list to the website. I have been wanting to do this for awhile but someone got lazy AND busy… anyway, I want Simple ABA to be another platform for questions and resources on ABA and BACB  exam (also other things too). My FB group shall remain as a fine, fine resource/forum for ABA.

Let’s do this!

May the desired consequence be with you!


Petra Serafini of New York

“I purchased the BDS modules as my attempt to start studying. I worked on them for about 2-3 hours on week nights and maybe about 4-5 hours on the weekends. In addition to that I also read some of the Cooper chapters, especially one’s I did poorly on in BDS pre tests. About a week before the test I went through SAFMEDS and also went back through the modules and reviewed any that took 4 or more tries to reach the criterion. But most of all, I am just thankful for FIT, I honestly don’t think I would have been able to do it without having that as my foundation!”

“My future plans? Well about a month ago I accepted a position at a hospital as the first ABA person (they were willing to hire me before receiving my certification). I am currently working on revamping their programs on the units (especially with the little ones) to make them run more smoothly. I started doing basis ABA training for staff and just being present to provide behavioral supports. The hospital uses a lot of restraints and seclusions for behavior management and I am int he process of changing that!

New Home of Behavior Jedi