Social Significance: One Month

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First-Month Review

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Wow! It has been over a month since I signed up for an Facebook account. I had written a post about social significance awhile back,  and yes I still have much to learn (please be kind and offer me some help!!!).

My Achievements

1. I had connected with lots of old friends. Yes, I meant friends from high school, and this just in… my childhood friends too. But most of my “friends” are extended family.

2. I created a group, and a page. The study group was small until Behavior Guy tweeted and all of a sudden, the flood gate opened. In an hour, there were nearly 100 people joined. Currently there are 290 people in the group. Different topics/questions are being discussed regularly… which is not just restricted to board exam and BCBA-related questions (such as different programs, supervision). I had seen topics about food selectivity, liability insurance, and yes, religion!

3. I made new friends, FB friends. Yes, that includes extended family of the extended family, and people from my study group.

4. I give lives on a regular basis, well on Candy Crush Saga. You are welcome, everybody!

My Failures

1. study challenge… no I didn’t last more than 3 days… I think I need to break my study methods a little more… and yes I had selected a date and I NEED THIS QUICK AND BAD!

2. time with family (yes, the “guy with a new toy” syndrome) but yes, I recognized my problem and I am setting up rules to limit my online time.

Another 30-Day Trial?

Well, let’s match up next month and see how I do, eh? And yes, comments and suggestions are most welcome. Keep me accountable, people!

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  1. alicsloan

    Great Blog Anson, I also recognize the need to target “new toy syndrome”, but for me it’s always on when to leave the first “A” out of ABA and how to bring it to the people in more layman terms.

    • behaviorjedi

      Thanks and very true. I have so much to learn.I need to bring the C to ABA and make it BCBA first… I think I can I think I can I think I can…