Social Significance and Social Media (Updated)

Social Media Path
Social Media Path (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

I just came out of the digital stone age this past week: I created a blog and I joined Facebook. I kinda feel like Michael Corleone here (I didn’t want to but it’s not my choice when it comes down to it). Well, years of inactivity/reluctance/ignorance of NOT participating in the social media is no different than other (harmful/bad/junk) behaviors… so yes I need intervention, major ones but when Dr. Phil and/or Dr. Drew call, you can bet that I would say “I must say no to you and I’ll give you my reasons” (go watch the original)

First, they are not behaviorists… and they will end up telling me to lose weight or blame my mother (“no, it was that Lego pirate ship or the $400 Death Star which my parents didn’t buy me for Christmas that destroyed my self-image and super ego, and eggo and the full scholarship to Harvard or Cambridge, DUH!”)

Second, skill acquisition is what I need. How to hashtag, link, comment, follow (and the obvious bi-product of all, making a fool of myself, which I am already at the fluency stage). As my exposure to the social media is short, I need HUGE contrast… any takers? NO, seriously, can someone please tell what is the etiquette on posting pictures and videos here? PLEASE!

And let’s come back to the title… Is participating in the social media (i.e. joining Facebook, twitting…) actually socially significant? If so, we must do so and encourage/support/help others to do so, right? There are both advantages (being accountable, sharing infos, expanding/creating friendships, etc.) and disadvantages (information overload, Don-Draper-is-actually-Dick-Whitman secret identity issue, over-sharing, distraction to name a few).

Share your thought anyone?

P.S. just got all my transcripts… getting closer…

4 thoughts on “Social Significance and Social Media (Updated)”

  1. Interesting question. I think participating in social media means making contact with reinforcement: social attention, discussion, shared experiences. From there, professional knowledge, experiences and contacts are made. So perhaps, in this regard, learning the ins and outs of participating in social media is a socially significant behaviour.

    1. Thanks, Tricia. The social SR+ remains low but hey I am learning (slowly but surely). I can really use some tips from you on this whole thing. I’ll be bugging you and everyone for advice.

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