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BCBA Study Group, FB Concession

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

For years I fought to not join Facebook… and I lost. Now my wife finally can do these:

1)say that she’s married to some BCBA-wannabe

2)defriend half the people she never met

When I was telling several people about my desire to start a study group on a blog, and I could not figure out the best way to tackle my ideas to study and yelp… that was until Behavior Guy suggested me to start a study group on Facebook, so here I am.. a few moments from signing up for an account.

Alright, I will get things organized and get the ball rolling.

Be patient with me… I am learning how to post/link/do more stuff on my blog (i.e. showing you how great Behavior Guy’s blog is!)

A FB study group, I will start!

My BCBA, Study Challenge, Yes?

This thing I want so BAD!!!

I know (well, knowing is not a behavior), well, I realized that I have been slacking mightily and I need to study for the exam (though I have yet to apply officially). I am sure my EO is high on this one and I am challenging myself to study everyday.

Here’s my game plan:

30+ minutes of study guide /the White book

2 x SAFMED (Say All Fast a Minute Every Day Shuffled) Let me know if anyone needs help looking for some..

Do it I can?

Anyone game?

Oh yeah, let me give a shout-out to my mentor, Behavior Guy, “May the Environment Be With You!”

Getting My BCBA I Am, Are You?

In January, I wrapped up my online courses for the BCBA requirements. I am currently racking up my experience (supervision) hours and getting my stuff together for the board exam in May (hopefully… CROSSING MY FINGERS…).

The BACB has released the 4th edition task list, which will be used in 2015… which means current candidates should pay attention and HURRY UP before changes apply (different and/or additional requirements)!!!

As URGENT as it is, I have been doing what I do best.. PROCRASTINATING… I am using some Premarck Principle on myself. I am reading my study guides and the White book. What and how are you doing to study? Anyone using mock exam prep? Let’s share some tips!