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BCBA Study Tips LIII

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Well, the result for the May exam is in and I am still not done with the great tips I got in February! How about a triple tips threat?

Jenn Blake Holiday

“I definitely recommend the Global Autism Projects reviews and reviewing the scenarios in the Burch and Bailey Ethics book. Ethics questions are so tricky and always the ones to slip you up! Also, make tons of SAFMEDS and review them!!!! Good luck!”

Kate Lloyd of nor cal

“I used SAFMEDs, BDS Modules, read the Cooper book. Nothing special but, I do think that my work in the field helped a lot.”

Katy Palmer of VA

“I did the Bds modules. They really really teach you how to attend to a question and to find the “tricks” in questions. I did the cooper online quizzes, ppts and printed and completed all the cooper guided notes. I did not study at all the final week before the exam. I read each question on the exam twice before even attempting to answer”

BCBA Study Tips L

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Finally we hit study tips no. 50! And no, we are not done with the February crop yet… but hey the more we read, the more we know right?

Liza Lindenfeld Ross of Alaska (check out another Alaska BCBA’s tips here)

“I took my classes from FIT, BDS modules over the two months prior to the test, and took the FIT guided review. I took both post-mock exams two weeks before my exam date and studied my not so good areas for a week and a half. The last week I took a few days off and brushed up on a couple of topics the night before. Taking that break really helped. Plus I went to a spa the day before to help relax before the big day!!”

Belated salute to you, Liza!!!


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Elizabeth Hope Camardo- Mikolajczyk of DE


“FIT is fantastic and taught by the leaders in the field, so get all the info you can from them, and do the BDS modules for two reasons: first it teaches you HOW to read the questions…slow down and read every word carefully. Second, it gives you an idea of he areas you have deficient knowledge in so you can look into them further. Hope this helps!


“School psychology EdS student in Philly, working as a behavior specialist (licensed).”


Sorry it took so long to post this!




More to come , people!!! Thanks and thanks, Elizabeth!



Jersey Part II

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Tracy Honig, who shared the job post yesterday, also shared some study tips.

“I was asked to share some study tips and Im happy to do so. Passed the February exam on the first try. I didnt believe the results when I first saw it on the screen. I was a FIT student (my last class ended July 2013). I didnt start studying until December. I did most of my studying on the weekends, but Im not the type that does well with studying a little each day, a bit different than most, so a lot of it is about knowing what is best for you!

“Honestly, Cooper scared me. I would read it, and not really know what I was reading, so I sought out some different study methods. I signed up for the FIT guided review and watched the videos back multiple times. I found the instructors were very helpful in explaining the concepts. I also purchased the BDS modules and did them all to 100%, as well as took notes throughout. I also used the Pass the Big ABA manual. I found that very helpful as well! I read through it multiple times and made flashcards from all the terms. Towards the end of my studying (maybe a week before the exam) is when I went and did the cooper quizzes from the cooper book.

“I cannot stress enough how helpful this group was. I read the posts from others as well as joined in a few skype study sessions. It was beyond helpful to hear certain things explained by other people. I also tried to use what I was studying on a daily basis. If I was at work, I would try to put the work I was doing into the terms as I was learning them. I thought all the study materials I used were very helpful and would definitely recommend all of them. For those who did not pass this time around, or are going to take it for the first time, keep at it! This exam is not easy, you need to study a lot….but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just keep at it. If anyone would like anymore information, please dont hesitate to shoot me a private message!!!”

Thanks, Tracy for sharing your tips!

Hit the book! Do the preps!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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Good Morning, Philly!!!


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Jamie Rassin Yurasezeck of PA, another newly minted BCBA, shared her tips!


“I started studying 6 months before the exam, in the beginning mostly Saturday and Sunday mornings before my family woke up. It goes without saying that I used the Cooper book and all of it’s practice tests! I made safemeds from all of the vocabulary in the glossary. I used the BDS modules (which are excellent but completely stressful) and even at the end made sure I was at at least 75-80% on each module.


“I can’t say enough about the Pass the BCBA study manual. I will use this for years to come as it gives a definition and examples of every area of the task list. I also took the FIT mock exam and then had a private tutoring session with an awesome FIT instructor to review any questions I missed.


“This website continually has students posting questions on concepts, if I could not answer the question asked I would look it up for my own benefit. I talked the talk all the time- my sons can clearly explain to you some of the basic concepts such as behavioral momentum. (One of my sons (12) even told his teacher that she was using Negative Reinforcement to gain compliance and she got very defensive with him, not knowing the real meaning Remember the exam is material you have already learned-just become fluent! Good Luck! Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude!


“I am from Philadelphia- got great tips on here- pay it forward-Study tips for BCBA exam: First and foremost FIT rocks!! They gave me such a strong basis, which helped a ton!! It also helps that I fell in love with this material. I hope to teach BCBA courses some day as I love the science!”


If You Think You Can..


It’s all about your attitude as Jamie says, so what do you think you’ll do? Fluency! Fluency! Fluency!


Thank you for paying it forward! Congrats, Jamie!

P.S. Have you joined the group yet? I am creating mini study groups at the moment…

May the desired consequence be with you!



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Hot Fresh Study Tips

The latest round of the Behavior Analyst Certification Board had released the exam results on Skinner’s Eve (3/19… as the Great Yoda’s birthday was on 3/20)… I got a hold of a few newly minted BCBA and they kindly shared their tips… I will compile their tips and post them all here. The first one is Emily Muise of VA:

“Before you finish your coursework:

1. Keep track of areas that were problematic for you during the courses. They are likely to be problem areas for this exam too!

2. If they are (somehow) not assigned as part of your courses, read: Ethics for Behavior Analysts by Bailey and Burch, Strategies and Tactics of Behavioral Research by Johnston and Pennypacker Concepts and Principles of Behavior Analysis by Jack Michael

“When you start studying: 1. I used and highly recommend the FIT Guided Review and the BDS Modules. I completed the modules to 100%. 2. Do as many multiple choice style questions as you can. I think the biggest asset of the BDS modules approach is that by the time you get to 100% you have done hundreds of multiple choice questions. 3. For lack of a better way to phrase things, do your own studying. One benefit of facebook and other places is that you can collaborate and commiserate with people who are going through the same thing as you, but hearing about other people’s experiences may be rattling if you’re not confident yet. Focus on what you specifically need to work on and leave it at that.

“During the exam: 1. Plan to take a few nights off before the exam. Being well rested will be way more helpful than any last minute attempts to memorize things. 2. Test taking strategies don’t go out the window just because it’s the big test! Read the questions carefully, and read the answer choices carefully. Don’t be afraid to use your experience, especially on the ethics questions. If you wouldn’t be allowed to do something in real life because it’s unethical or against the law, then that answer isn’t correct!

“I think that’s it! Prepping for the exam had a lot in common with prepping for the half marathon actually.Hopefully this will be helpful to someone!

“My name is Emily Muise, and I’m a special ed teacher (and now BCBA) in an elementary autism spectrum classroom in Virginia Beach, VA. I went through the FIT online program.”

Prepping and Executing

Emily gave us her game plan, prepping strategically and executing during the exam!

Thanks for sharing your detailed plan! Congrats and shout out to Emily Muise, BCBA!

Update: Emily really knows her stuff!


Last One from Last Round…

Well, the results are out for the February exam… and it turns out I still had one more from last time around… so let’s give it go.

Bobby Gordon of New Jersey summed up his study tips in three simple words:

Cooper, Ethics, Modules

“Also for the ethics questions I heard of two general rules that were good to keep in mind: “what will benefit the consumer” and “what is least restrictive”

“Well I read through the cooper cover to cover. Even the glossary.

“I read the ethics by bailey book.

“And I completed the modules to 100%.”

Congrats to the Newly Minted BCBA!

I have been gathering study tips and I will be sharing them. If you passed the exam, and/or know someone who passed the exam this time around, please send me your tips and I will give you credit. Pay it forward, ya?

May the desired consequence be with you!