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New — Best School: FIT


New Post Category: Best ABA School

As I mentioned on a previous post, there are changes coming. Every now and then someone would ask, “where is the BEST school for ABA?” in the study group… and you have no idea how many suggestions I get on how to tackle that… and I have been thinking to make sure the focus of the group is on Applied Behavior Analysis, not just BCBA, or BACB. So, I have decided to create new categories for BCBA/BACB-related posts. I will start with the Best School ones and I will add Best Prep soon.

Since I went to FIT. It will be the first featured school.

FIT: Florida Institute of Technology

I already got my Master’s degree already when I decided to become a BCBA, so I needed something that was

1) fast (as the program would start as soon as possible)

2) online (I was not keen on going anywhere… homebody, anyone?)

3) affordable (education is an investment… True but it is still money)

to complete the BACB requirement. I looked at the BACB website and I found a few programs that met my needs but FIT stood out. Shortly after I decided to apply for the program. The staffers, led by Ms. Beverly Strickland, at the FIT ABA program did their best to help me with the application, technical support, financial aid… you name it, and they would help you! I am not kidding, they are dedicated to help you any way they can!

It is an online program, so there are certain amount of video lectures students have to catch up each week. Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz keeps it educational yet entertaining! He is BEYOND great!!! The examples he uses are just so simple and everyday! He is passionate about teaching and helping others! You just have to see it to believe it! It was such an honor to meet him in person at Chicago!

Wait, so you are worried that there’s a lack of interaction because FIT is 100% online? There are weekly meetings you must attend and the co-instructors are more than prepared to walk you through the course and answer any questions you throw at them! Some of the co-instructors are products of FIT themselves!!!

In fact, many of them are in the aforementioned study group on Facebook! Corey Robertson, aka Behavior Guy, is the one who gave me the idea to start the group. They are dedicated to spread the knowledge of ABA!

Well, I hope this is a good way to start something new and more schools will be featured soon. Friends, if you want to give your schools a shout-out, please let me know and I will be more than happy to do so. And yes, exam prep suggestions, anyone?

I believe this is better than seeing “where is the best ABA school” in the group every other day, no?

More to come! Stay tuned!

May the desired consequence be with you!

BCBA Study Tips LX

The skyline of the Sydney central business dis...
The skyline of the Sydney central business district in Australia. Sydney is the most populous city in Oceania and is Oceania’s only Alpha World City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great Tips from Down Under

Alexandra Brown of Australia, a Sage girl

” [I] did a great masters course (Sage) then reviewed Cooper Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Edition)using guided reviews and quizzes on pren hall, own safmeds, and FIT mock. I only studied on weekends for 6-8 weeks beforehand. But have worked in the field since 1999 so that helps too. Thanks for the group!

“I run a small early intervention clinic in Sydney Australia. My main role s the development and supervision of intensive programs based on the principles of ABA (I hate saying we ‘ABA programs’-as people assume it’s all rote learned drilling). As a psychologist I also provide anxiety sessions, diagnostic assessments and other psychometric assessments. The concept of a ‘BCBA’ not widely understood yet in Australia. However I am on the board of the newly founded Association for Behaviour Analysis, Australia, so we a hoping that will change over the next decade.

And for those of you who are interested in Sage Colleges’ online ABA master’s program. Please visit here and my podcast… where I interviewed Dr. Dana Reinecke.

May the desired consequence be with you!

BCBA Study Tips LIX

The Skyline of Downtown San Diego, California,...
The Skyline of Downtown San Diego, California, US, during daytime. Seen from Coronado Island, in November 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lauren Emison of CA

“Passthebigabaexam.com … This was my 2nd attempt. I would have passed first go around if I gave myself more study time. I only studied a month (many hours) but it just wasn’t enough time and I missed passing by 3 points! But the 5 week course I took with that program was phenomenol bc u get manual and videos. So then the next 2 months I had to study I watched videos and read manual over and over and started to really understand concepts and reading it concurrently with cooper. I made my own study guide based off of their manual while going through videos so I was writing then I used those notes to study and go through videos and just really made sure I understood everything. Then weekend before my test I took the weekend intensive …. It was a perfect last minute review but you have to be really ready for the test before u take that because it’s a TON of Info in a weekend. Put in the time to study and really understand concepts/definitions and how to apply them. Best of luck! I will use their manual forever!

“A lot of practice tests too which I would answer and then research answers for any I got wrong. U can do it! Put in the study time!

 “My second go around I actually felt like I understood and could apply things my first attempt I felt like I didn’t have a deep understanding but had simply memorized then I failed. Now I am a BCBA feels great. U can do it
“I started my career doing in home aba for ACES. I was concurrently obtaining my masters in school psychology while taking ABA courses through F.I.T online program (which I loved). I currently work full time for San Diego unified school district as a school psychologist. My second job is Still doing ABA in home services with ACES,inc. my goal is to bring ABA principles into the schools and move away from the current understanding of ABA as just “discrete trial”. I also have interest in doing parent training and teaching BCBA courses/Supervision.”

BCBA Study Tips XLIX

Sailboat Races, St. Michaels Maryland
Sailboat Races, St. Michaels Maryland (Photo credit: Shawn Hoke)

Josselyn Guinan Ensor of MD

“Honestly, I didn’t study much. I’ve been working in the autism field for 15 years practicing ABA. I worked at Kennedy Krieger Institute as a behavior specialist, and I am now an education director at a private school for kids with autism in Baltimore. I did take Siri Ming’s practice course, which I recommend. She’s actually doing some of her research for her PhD dissertation with students in our school, so I’ve learned a ton working with her personally. Good luck! It really isn’t that bad.”

Another vote for Siri Ming! If you haven’t heard her interview… here you go!

Thanks and belated congratulations, Josselyn!!!


Leila Bryan of OK

English: Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City.
English: Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I mostly used bds modules to its fullest, cooper quizzes, ethics. I studied 5-6 months prior to sitting for it first time. Stayed for the 4 hrs rechecking everything. Are you compiling some good data? I’m curious to see how it comes out. It seems that everyone has there own preference/style of studying. I don’t do well with flashcards but many people recommended the safmeds.”


Good Morning, Philly!!!


Rocky Balboa spomenik u Žitištu 03
Rocky Balboa spomenik u Žitištu 03 (Photo credit: Goran Necin)


Jamie Rassin Yurasezeck of PA, another newly minted BCBA, shared her tips!


“I started studying 6 months before the exam, in the beginning mostly Saturday and Sunday mornings before my family woke up. It goes without saying that I used the Cooper book and all of it’s practice tests! I made safemeds from all of the vocabulary in the glossary. I used the BDS modules (which are excellent but completely stressful) and even at the end made sure I was at at least 75-80% on each module.


“I can’t say enough about the Pass the BCBA study manual. I will use this for years to come as it gives a definition and examples of every area of the task list. I also took the FIT mock exam and then had a private tutoring session with an awesome FIT instructor to review any questions I missed.


“This website continually has students posting questions on concepts, if I could not answer the question asked I would look it up for my own benefit. I talked the talk all the time- my sons can clearly explain to you some of the basic concepts such as behavioral momentum. (One of my sons (12) even told his teacher that she was using Negative Reinforcement to gain compliance and she got very defensive with him, not knowing the real meaning Remember the exam is material you have already learned-just become fluent! Good Luck! Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude!


“I am from Philadelphia- got great tips on here- pay it forward-Study tips for BCBA exam: First and foremost FIT rocks!! They gave me such a strong basis, which helped a ton!! It also helps that I fell in love with this material. I hope to teach BCBA courses some day as I love the science!”


If You Think You Can..


It’s all about your attitude as Jamie says, so what do you think you’ll do? Fluency! Fluency! Fluency!


Thank you for paying it forward! Congrats, Jamie!

P.S. Have you joined the group yet? I am creating mini study groups at the moment…

May the desired consequence be with you!


Episode 7: Siri Ming

Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland
Ellsworth Drive in Silver Spring, Maryland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lucky me finally got to talk to the one and only Siri Ming.

Listen to what she has to say

Bonus!!! Siri is offering a discount to our listeners… so check out her website

Please leave us an honest review and hopefully 5 stars rating to help us out! Don’t forget to check out the previous shows!

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Episode 4: Dr. Josh Pritchard

English: A blue bow tie.
English: A blue bow tie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Josh Pritchard of Florida Institute of Technology

Listen to his interview

Summary/show note will eventually come with your help? Please?

See what he’s up to? Go to his website

Quick Summary
Success: Small moments. Having a client with severe behavior reflect on their own success with behavior change.

Failure: Arrogance early in career. “Knowing everything” and later regretting what was said and done.

Book: Skinner‘s “Science and human behavior

Quote: “Hold everything lightly”
“The whole idea of science is knocking down ideas and building up new ones”