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Great Tips from the North

Parliament buildings of canada
Parliament buildings of canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrea, from Ontario, who preferred to lay low… shared her tricks with us…

“I started in approx October I went through bds right up until January I honestly didn’t study much at that time only did bds and probably spent too Much time on bds. I only studied one day on the weekends and for about 5-6 hrs but not very focused.

“As of January I started focusing on concepts reading cooper again, chapter summaries, cooper quizzes, used the resources on the fb group so endicott college quizlet to run through terms. Made cue cards but only things that still confused me not everything and to be honest didn’t review them much. I made my own notes but they were messy lol.

“I used someone ljaruse or something it’s always from the fb group was a suggestion on Evernote I Reviewed all their charts they made and read some supplementary articles. I barely had time during week nights mostly weekends and I took 3 days off work the week of the exam to go over concepts I wasn’t sure of.

“Didn’t feel confident going in and felt I failed after because I panicked and answered like 80 Questions in the last 60 Mins! So it’s really a crap shoot. Don’t listen to anyone who says u have to do it this way or that way just do what works for u.

“And I would say cooper is very helpful! The textbook and the better u can fluently know your terms it will be easier on the exam. But again I wasn’t fluent with mine. I didn’t do bds the way ppl suggested I didn’t study a certain amount of time didn’t make clear notes and so all I’m left thinking is maybe my group studying helped, bds helped and my past experiences.

“Feel free to ask anything else. Also if someone says don’t worry this or that won’t be on the exam just expect anything and everything can show up to prepare yourself.”

One Size Fits it All?

No way! As Andrea said, you need to find out what works for you and what does not! Just because it works for everyone else doesn’t mean it is your style! Spend some time to figure out what works for you!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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Sing-Along Saturday XVI

English: Los Angeles, California, USA Español:...
Beverly Hills, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where Do You Want To Live?

Many of you know that I used to live in LA and things can go quite crazy there. And the traffic!!! I still have no idea how Jack Bauer could save Los Angeles (and United States) some many dang times… driving to places to places WITHOUT ANY TRAFFIC… (“sorry the nuclear bomb just has to go off cuz I am still on the 405!!!”)… and not to mention the great cell phone reception. What carrier do you have again, Jack?

So That’s Where You Wanna Be?

Here’s the song for this round of sing-along:

Disclaimer: This video was filmed in Mr. Hefner’s residence, though there is nothing rated R but some people might find it a bit inappropriate or not suitable for work

ABA Time!!!

So what ABA term can you think of?

I am leaning towards Extinct Burst… since the singer repeatedly sings “Beverly Hill, that’s where I wanna be!” then he goes on some random ranting about he’s not good enough to live there…

So tell me what you think?

Podcast Help

I just put 2 podcast episodes on another blog (please don’t ask me why I did this… I can’t even remember… I am fixing it).

Anyway, I am looking to interview more BCBAs to pick their brain… so please help me out, connect me with the BCBAs you know. Let’s learn from some of the finest in our field, ya?

Also, if you get a chance to listen to my podcast, please give me an honest review and some suggestions. Help some liked-minded people to find my show, ya?

Exam Time It Is

It’s May, so it’s exam time! Work that EO! Read the study tips! Join the study group! You can do it!

May the desired consequence be with you!



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Good Morning, Philly!!!


Rocky Balboa spomenik u Žitištu 03
Rocky Balboa spomenik u Žitištu 03 (Photo credit: Goran Necin)


Jamie Rassin Yurasezeck of PA, another newly minted BCBA, shared her tips!


“I started studying 6 months before the exam, in the beginning mostly Saturday and Sunday mornings before my family woke up. It goes without saying that I used the Cooper book and all of it’s practice tests! I made safemeds from all of the vocabulary in the glossary. I used the BDS modules (which are excellent but completely stressful) and even at the end made sure I was at at least 75-80% on each module.


“I can’t say enough about the Pass the BCBA study manual. I will use this for years to come as it gives a definition and examples of every area of the task list. I also took the FIT mock exam and then had a private tutoring session with an awesome FIT instructor to review any questions I missed.


“This website continually has students posting questions on concepts, if I could not answer the question asked I would look it up for my own benefit. I talked the talk all the time- my sons can clearly explain to you some of the basic concepts such as behavioral momentum. (One of my sons (12) even told his teacher that she was using Negative Reinforcement to gain compliance and she got very defensive with him, not knowing the real meaning Remember the exam is material you have already learned-just become fluent! Good Luck! Your attitude not your aptitude will determine your altitude!


“I am from Philadelphia- got great tips on here- pay it forward-Study tips for BCBA exam: First and foremost FIT rocks!! They gave me such a strong basis, which helped a ton!! It also helps that I fell in love with this material. I hope to teach BCBA courses some day as I love the science!”


If You Think You Can..


It’s all about your attitude as Jamie says, so what do you think you’ll do? Fluency! Fluency! Fluency!


Thank you for paying it forward! Congrats, Jamie!

P.S. Have you joined the group yet? I am creating mini study groups at the moment…

May the desired consequence be with you!


Episode 8: Matt Brodhead

A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the...
A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the Wellsville mountains in sight. Partially overlooking Logan, Utah and part of downtown as well as the , as seen from Utah State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Matt Brodhead

I contacted Matt awhile back when he was about to defend his dissertation… well… now he’s a doctor! He’s in Utah but he’s about to move to IN… he’s a thrill seeker!
We talk business, t-shirts, Jack Michael, ABAI meetup and saving certain industry… one company at a time!
Quick Summary
Success: collaborate with local school district to build preschool and kindergarten classrooms with ABA service to children with Autism
Failure: attitude– ABA or highway… professional relationship at the beginning of the career
Book/article: “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carngie (and before the book question was asked…) and Surprise, Matt did not own the White Book before he got his BCBA, “Free Will” By Sam Harris, “Help at Any Cost” by Maia Szalavitz
Article: Laraway, S., Snycerski, S., Michael, J., & Poling, A. (2003). Motivating operations and terms to describe them: Some further refinements. JABA, 36, 407-413. 4.
Quote: none but check out his bloodline…
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New Addition

Work Wednesday: Job Posting

Well, many people had asked me to post job listing in the group, which I politely declined… so yea… I am creating a job post in this blog to help out… yea… eventually I might want to charge a dollar or two… and since for some reason, the ecard thing stopped working, so Weird Wednesday is taking a break… so let’s give this a shot?

Destination: Egypt

1.Family looking for a therapist(prefer male) to work with their son as an ABA therapist; please send contact info if interested and family will get in touch


BCBA Study Tips XXXV

Building Your BCBA!

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...
A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and sizes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patrick Roper of TX, another Lego lover…

“I used the BDS exam prep, working through the modules as recommended (worst and best first, repeat the worst module again last) and after taking the post-tests, re-doing each module again and hand-scoring (you can’t erase your scores). I read each Cooper chapter along with the relevant module and completed most of the quizzes and reviewing each chapter summary. I read through Miltenburger cover to cover, completing quizzes at the end of each chapter, and Mayer & Sulzer-Azaroff cover to cover. I felt as though three different perspectives on the same concepts would provide a more well-rounded viewpoint and hopefully cover the material in such a way that no matter how it was worded on the exam, I would be prepared. As for ethics, I read Bailey and Burch cover to cover. I created flash cards for each content area and studied those, removing the terms/concepts that I either missed frequently or wanted to assure I knew backwards and forwards and re-studied those as a group. I also reviewed quizlet flash cards for any content areas I scored less than 90% on the BDS post-test. I imagine I averaged studying about 3-4 hours per day 6 days a week for about six months (I was fortunate enough to be able to not work during this time). This was my second attempt on the exam. I hope this helps!”

Thanks, Patrick. Let’s schedule a playdate with the Lego soon?


Patrick accepted a position and he’ll be BCBA-ing soon!


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Here Comes Shannon!

Hockey-Stick-and-Puck-Photographic-Print-C11950881 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shannon Kazmerick of PA, a big hockey fan, shared her tips with us:

1. Read your books: Cooper, Bailey & Burch, Behavior Analysis for Lasting Change
2. Make flashcards/ safmeds
3. Study at least 10-12 weeks prior to taking exam. If not longer
4. Study with others ( in person or Skype)
5. pass the BIG exam manual (amazingly organized content areas)
6. Orlando Behavior Health/ Dr Weinberg for exam prep/ tutoring
7. stay positive and motivated… I took exam a few times and finally passed this Feb. I also owe it to this group and other ABA groups on fb for helpful hints and resources.

Read Your BA Books!

Like Shannon said, read your books!!!

For those who haven’t heard… I have started a podcast and I have asked many great BCBAs for their must-have ABA books… so check out my podcast… also, I am thinking about organizing small study groups… contact me one way or another (see contact page, ya?) Help me help you help me help you…

May the desired consequence be with you!

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Today in History

Today in History


Central Sculpture - Boston Strong Scroll Detail
Central Sculpture – Boston Strong Scroll Detail (Photo credit: Eric Kilby)

Big Day in History Today is


April 15, 1865, Abraham Lincoln died.


April 15, 1912, Titanic sank and we had James Cameron to thank…


April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier, became the first African American player in Major League Baseball.


April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon tragedy.


Boston Strong!!!


In observance of the event, there will be no other tips today. BCBA tips will resume on Thursday.




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Scranton, PA, USA, welcome sign formerly displ...
Scranton, PA, USA, welcome sign formerly displayed along I-81 and filmed there for opening credits of US version of The Office. Now on display in Mall at Steamtown food court, where this photograph was taken. Neither text nor font designs are eligible for copyright in US, and this sign is on display in a public place, thus covered by freedom of panorama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s What She Said

Jillian Bair of  Scarnton, PA

“Bds modules and the cooper book quizzes the modules were the biggest help. I also graphed my study times as I went to encourage myself.

“Also any practice exam I could get my hands on. The more questions I could expose my brain to, the better I understood the material.

“I also read bailey & burch and Johnston & pennypacker’s books. I work as a behavior consultant at a private special education school in PA doing descriptive functional assessments and writing behavior plans.

“I love using ABA to help people, and I am excited to explore other ways to use it (organizational management, sales, animal training, etc.) I attended FIT’s online program specifically for my ABA courses and received both my undergrad and graduate degrees from Baptist Bible College & Grad School here in NEPA.”


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