The Big 5-0!

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Thank You, Come Again!
Thank You, Come Again! (Photo credit: Lunchbox Photography)

Thank you so much… again! And wow… lots of things happened since post no.1! Or even between post no. 49 and no. 50! TWO flat tires One night! (therefore, no Weird Wednesday this week!)

I sure am glad that I made it home. I thank my friend, Richard for helping me out BIG TIME! And man, I need to be a better friend to… (maybe we should de-mentalize friendship, ya?)

I will continue to provide my take on ABA/BCBA/Star Wars and other silly stuff… and hunt for nice folks to share their study tips! For those who are sitting in the September exam! Keep up with your (White) book hitting behavior! Work that EO (and AO).

The End is Near!

The tunnel that is. Dark, it is, very indeed. And you are almost there. Crush it! Push through! I am here for you!

Thank you for hanging around for 50 posts!

May the desired consequence be with you!