Weird Wednesday ABA Style

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Scatter + books + kids =PSI.

My DRO (Differential Reinforcement of Other Behavior)

Well… like my previous post says… I am waiting… and I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ELSE…

so I am stealing a play from Dr. Behaviorbabe… I am creating ABA-ish… cards. Hopefully, this DRO can do these 3 things:

1. divert my attention

2. make a little inside (ABA) joke

3. create a scenario that helps us remember some key terms

Check the rules!!!

Well, I went on to make a card and everything (I made one already and shared it on FB)… and I had done some code embedding with my little exam prep poll… so I thought it would be relatively easy to post my card. WRONG! I should have read the WordPress support a little more. With that said, yes, I, we, and everyone, should learn the operation definition and the rules of the game before we dive in. For example, I worked for agencies that are open to using restraint techniques (such as CPI) but some agencies adopt a “Hands-off” policy. Imagine the confusion/frustration/legal trouble… when you put your hands on a client…

Coming back to my card situation… it turns out that WordPress does not support codex/code embedding for the cards… I should have read that before I cut and pasted the code 17 times (yes I fit the definition of INSANITY)… so guess y’all have to settle with this.

Personalized System of Instruction!

There you have it, go study Content Area 9!

What’s Next?

I am going to create more of these and post them on a regular basis. How does Weird Wednesday sound?

Tell me what you think please?