Weird Wednesday ABA Style X

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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: This toy can be used as both reinforcer and punisher.

Star Wars I Like, Do You?

This is just an example. Change it to food (i.e. sushi, steak, or chicken liver), movies (say the Godfather, the Lord of the Rings, or Top Gun), activities (say knitting, playing video games, hiking) or whatever if you like. My point is everyone is different. I like Star Wars but it doesn’t matter you will like it too. Maybe you’d prefer Star Trek… or you just simply cannot stand sci-fi at all.

See what I am getting at? One thing/activity that is reinforcing to person A DOES NOT necessarily have the same effect on person B! Or worse, it might have some punishing effect on person B!

Just because something appears to be reinforcing doesn’t mean it is. Everybody loves praises, right? Maybe but how do we determine if it is a reinforcer or a punisher?

Is it Up or Down?

This is what is the determining factor. Is the behavior increasing or decreasing due to the presentation of the stimulus? If the behavior increases, then the stimulus is a reinforcer. And if the behavior decreases, then it is a punisher. Sounds simple, no?

You think chocolate is reinforcing? Guess what someone might not like sweet. He/she will not work for it. Therefore, no, it’s not reinforcing to EVERYONE.

You think yelling is punishing? Guess what some people just enjoy that kind of attention (yes, that kind of attention, which some call NEGATIVE). So, yes the behavior (getting out of chair, talking out loud, destroying toys, etc.) increases. It is reinforcing.

How Do You Like That?

The truth is out there… with data it reveals, no? That’s what ABA is all about! (Get it, people?)

Changes on Weird Wednesday

This post is no.10 on Weird Wednesday. And I see this as quite an accomplishment. However, I have decided to “leave the words, keep the cards” which means it is up to you to hit the White book and crack my silly jokes. And yes, let me know if you want to guest post. Many of you can use a DRO project or two!

And for those who are going to FABA. Have a wonderful, wonderful time!!!

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