Weird Wednesday ABA Style III

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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Water work turns on in less than 0.02 seconds! Guarantee.

Better Latency than Never

No, no, no, technically my posting streak did not end… participate I did not… but yes this post is LATE!

Temporal Locus, one of the fundamental properties of behavior, explains that a response occurs at a time. Latency, one of the dimensional quantities, is the time it takes for the response to start. Reaction time it is, people! In this case, the little boy starts crying as soon as the stimulus (whether it’s dad’s yelling, dog’s barking, or a simple “No!’ from mom) is delivered.

WTF: What’s The Function?

This is a question Behavior Guy always asks.

Is there a function for this behavior? You bet! We can look at the 4As (attention, access to tangibles, avoidance, automatic) or EATS (escape, attention, tangibles, sensory) and the past history of reinforcement to determine which of these is/are the culprit(s)?

Maybe he wants some attention?

Maybe he wants to have some cookies but he can’t reach for them himself?

Maybe he doesn’t want to go to school?

Or maybe he finds his crying soothing and he likes to hear it?

React to These!

The keywords here are latency, temporal locus, functions of behaviors… (if you want more acronyms, please go check out Dr. Behaviorbabe’s website here!

That’s all for now. I will work hard on putting more stuff here. I am working on something that I think it’s fun, exciting and educational, and it’s slowly but surely coming together… just watch my cumulative graph!

Until then, I’ll let you move on to your regular programming.

May the desired consequence be with you!

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