Weird Wednesday ABA Style VI

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Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: No, I didn't just go crazy... EVERYTHING happens for a reason: Determinism.

Everything Happens for a Reason

That’s right! And it is called Determinism! I didn’t just throw my hands up in the air, do a face palm, and say a bunch of curse words out of the blues. It was because I just got written up for watching YouTube videos of Lego Star Wars all night instead of working on the important reports and I am too old to tell my boss that the old “my dog ate my homework” lie.

Let’s do a Star Wars example. Obi-Won did not just happen to be on the same planet as Luke did; Obi-won stayed on Tatooine and lived like a hermit aka “crazy old Ben” to protect Luke (and worked on the “medium/after-life communication skills that Yoda taught him). Neither did Anakin Skywalker just decided to go to the dark side of the Force and become Darth Vader (spoiler alert, people!); the dark side has cookies and a shot at intergalatic domination!

Everyday Examples

Can you give me one? What about your report card or your friendship with someone? It’s time to evaluate the function of the behavior!

Same time next week?

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  1. Christine A.

    Love the eCards and the Star Wars analogies. Keep ’em coming bro!