Weird Wednesday ABA Style VII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Trial-to-Criterion leads to the perfect pizza.

Little by Little, the Death Star was Built

I don’t get a chance to check but my guess is that the Death Star wasn’t built in a day. I am pretty sure we didn’t learn to walk in one day either. See where I am going?

Our pizza man here undoubtedly put in many, many hours to make the dough. I am putting money on it that his first attempt was not pretty. EVERYTHING TAKES TIME! Yes, skill acquisition takes time! Don’t I wish to pull some crazy martial arts move or play sweet killer guitar the moment I start? This ain’t no Matrix, my friends!

Patience, Grasshopper!

The initial attempt is most likely FAR from the end goal… but hey at least you got the latency part taken care of (you started, right?) Just modify your current/temporary goal and make adjustment along the way. Yes it takes time… and patience, a term which we would DE-MENTALIZE one of these days. For now, let’s say we need to reinforce ourselves with praise and tangibles for every little success… and we’ll thin the Sr+ ratio (saying working on your pizza dough longer, making it rounder…) and with more repetitions (i.e. practice), the pizza dough will be perfect.

Giving Up is not a Behavior!

Tell me what you think! And you can do it!

[you know what I am going to say here to end it!]

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