Weird Wednesday ABA Style VIII

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Come have a seat and let's talk about competency-based training.

Are We Doing the Same Thing?

There is a Chinese saying, 同枱食飯 各自修行, which roughly translates as eating at the same table but working on different things…  pretty much not on the same page… imagine at the Don’s house, and his people don’t understand his instructions and do the wrong (or right?) things… a few missteps might cost the Corleone Family dearly. Hey even going on the “winning the lottery would be easier” suicide mission,  the Rebels get together to devise an assault plan before heading to attack Death Star for that 1 in a million chance to blow the man-made battle station up in the 2 -foot hole. Let’s get everyone on the same page!

Get on the Same Page the BCBA Way!

There are many ways to make sure every member on the team understands the definition of the target behaviors (what does it look like?), and goals of the intervention and so on. Two of the first things that pop up on my head is “train the trainer” and the Inter Observer Agreement (IOA). Both are in the White book. Don’t let that book hang with the dust bunny, okay?

And don’t be shy! Ask questions… whether you are a BCBA (you can be new on the case), a therapist, a parent, etc… learn more about the client, the family and the intervention plan. We want everyone to win, know what I am saying?

Until next time…

May the desired consequence be with you!

P.S. Pretty proud of myself for typing the first few Chinese characters up… and thank you Google as well!!!

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