Work Wednesday -Twoer Edition

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Job Search
Job Search (Photo credit: Tax Credits)


It’s Work Wednesday and I want to double-down this time as two of my boys need some good peeps to help them help the clients they serve. Both are amazingly dedicated guys, so take your pick and you can’t go wrong.




In LA, we have Justin Daigle, you might have heard of his name before. He’s my guest on my podcast (episode 6). And of course, you can click around the site and listen to the rest of them on itunes… I think.




Here is the link to his job post.




In VA, we’ve got Zack Migioia. You might remember him on the Behavior Jedi blog roughly a year ago. He generously shared his study tips and now he’s started his own agency, Thrive ABA, and the business is growing and he needs a good BCBA!




Here’s what he has to say:




“Zack Migioia BCBA, LBA

Thrive ABA Consulting LLC, looking for BCBA in Virginia Beach, Virginia, salary negotiable”
So send your resume to