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Fresh BCBA Tips from AlaskaMount McKinley, or Denali, in Alaska is the hi...

Emily Ice, of Alaska, owner/partner at Step-In Autism Services of Alaska has this to say about studying the BCBA exam:

“My number one tip is to talk the talk. I set times to have conversations with other professionals using the terms and applying them to real life situations. I also sat down with anyone who would listen and explain ABA terms to them. Parents of our clients loved tis because I was taking the time to describe the terms in ways they could understand. Then when questions arose that I wasn’t completely sure about. I researched it and then got back to them.

I did the BDS modules to 100% (huge help, these taught me to really examine the question and all answers before answering) and I took the Global Autism Project’s weekend review (the review didn’t feel as though it helped a lot, but maybe it did…)

During the test, I read through the question, all the answers and provide myself a reason why I was disregarding each answer in addition to why I was picking the one I chose. If I wasn’t 90% sure, I marked it for review. After going through all my review questions twice, I submitted. I had time to spare, but after going through the question 3 times and not having clarity, I felt my first educated guess was the one to stick with.

Last tip, practice as many ethics scenarios you can. Not the blatantly wrong ones, but subtle ones with a couple great answers, one good answer and one ‘correct’ answer. Find out the why behind it and know where your instinct takes you in those scenarios so you can pick the Board’s correct response!”

Walk the Walk

Emily showed us how it’s done: ABA social interaction, ABA mastery (through studying), ABA testing (carefully reviewing and selecting with history of experience… in this case, her vast knowledge of the materials), and trusting your instinct (grow your inner Force with practice).

Thank you, Emily!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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