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Introducing Another Blogger

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Lindsey Sneed of Napa, CA achieved not one, but TWO big goals last month: She became a BCBA and she started a new blog, The BCBA Mom. Way to go, Lindsey. And yes, she still found time to share her study tips and her story in detail with us.

“Hi Anson! Thanks for starting the group, it was honestly a huge support through studying for the exam. My biggest tip is having multiple modalities to study. I used the BDS modules, FIT guided review, quizlet app, and I did the cooper quizzes. If I did less than 80% on any chapter I would re-read the chapter. My biggest advice to those studying is to become fluent in as much as your brain can possibly handle

“When I started graduate school I had a mentor who I met with weekly. I was expressing to her my discontentment with working at Starbucks while working on my graduate degree but was uncertain what I should do. She advised me to apply to a local company that works with children with Autism. At first I was hesitant, but she was insistent stating she felt it would be a good fit. So low and behold I got the job and quickly fell in love with applied behavior analysis and was very blessed to have a wonderful Behavior Analyst supervising me right off the bat. About two years later I ended up moving to Napa and finished my Master’s degree 9 months later. I immediately registered to begin my BCBA coursework through UMass’s online program, but ended up getting pregnant and had a very challenging pregnancy so was unable to continue the coursework. I’m very glad this happened because I rushed into starting the program and did not research programs I just picked one of the first online programs I found.

“Anyway, 18 months later once I learned to manage my time with having my daughter, Madison, I began really researching programs and was very impressed with Florida Institute of Technology. I started my coursework through FIT in April 2012 while being a Behavior Consultant with a local small agency. The director of the agency had her BCBA and was willing to supervise me, however, I quickly learned she did not have the same philosophical approach as I desired in being a Behavior Analyst. The agency ended up closing down due to the Insurance change here in California (SB 946) as they were not picked up as an insurance provider. This was a good thing for my career and ultimately my skills as a Behavior Analyst.

“In July 2012 I started working for Easter Seals Bay Area as a Program Supervisor (I oversaw the program of children and adolescents with Autism and other developmental disabilities, as well as the staff that provides direct care) and began to be supervised by the best Behavior Analyst I’ve known, Audrey Niblock. Audrey was and continues to help guide my practice as a Behavior Analyst and I know having a wonderful BCBA helped in me being prepared for the BCBA exam.

“A few other ways which helped prepare for the exam was completing the BDS modules 100%, I did the FIT Guided Review (which I highly recommend), I read through the Cooper Book and did the Cooper quizzes and if I scored less than 80% then I would re-read the chapter until I was fluent, and I did SAFMEDS. From December until the day before my test, February 20th, I studied three hours every day. I would explain concepts to my husband and if I could help him understand the concept then I knew I was attaining fluency. Also, the seven days before the test I re-watched all the videos from the FIT Guided Review. The day before the test I rested, which I highly recommend! I felt very prepared for the test and gave myself the full four hours to take to the test with breaks. I felt very confident when I left.

“Finally, on March 19 it was official; I was a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I was promoted to Clinical Manager at Easter Seals Bay Area and am very excited to officially have my dream job of being a Behavior Analyst. I am still learning (of course) and look forward to all the learning to come!”

Mentor! Practice! Fluency!

Lindsey found herself a great mentor and she put in a huge amount of time to study. Also, she ABA-ed her husband… that’s a good way to show fluency. Great job living ABA, Lindsey!

So Now What?

“my future plans are to conintue to refine my skills as a Behavior Analyst:-) I’m not exactly sure what that means yet, but i know new experiences are coming. Something I began a couple months ago, actually, was writing my own blog on my experiences in the field for the past 8 years. I didn’t launch my blog until i found out i was certified. My first post was on tips to pass the exam and what worked for me. Lastly, next week’s post I’m going more in depth about my study habits over the last 6 months, and I wanted to post about joining your Facebook study group. Would you be okay with me linking your Blog? or the Study group?”

Of course you can, Mrs. Sneed! Thank you for sharing your journey and detailed attack plan with us!

Congratulations, the BCBA Mom!

P.S. I lost a bet to Lindsey, and pay I will. Stay tuned…


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