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Scranton, PA, USA, welcome sign formerly displ...
Scranton, PA, USA, welcome sign formerly displayed along I-81 and filmed there for opening credits of US version of The Office. Now on display in Mall at Steamtown food court, where this photograph was taken. Neither text nor font designs are eligible for copyright in US, and this sign is on display in a public place, thus covered by freedom of panorama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s What She Said

Jillian Bair of  Scarnton, PA

“Bds modules and the cooper book quizzes the modules were the biggest help. I also graphed my study times as I went to encourage myself.

“Also any practice exam I could get my hands on. The more questions I could expose my brain to, the better I understood the material.

“I also read bailey & burch and Johnston & pennypacker’s books. I work as a behavior consultant at a private special education school in PA doing descriptive functional assessments and writing behavior plans.

“I love using ABA to help people, and I am excited to explore other ways to use it (organizational management, sales, animal training, etc.) I attended FIT’s online program specifically for my ABA courses and received both my undergrad and graduate degrees from Baptist Bible College & Grad School here in NEPA.”


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