BCBA Study Tips XL

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Here Comes Donnie!


Golden Gate Bridge

Donnie Gallagher, of Nor Cal, shared this with us:


“My advice for test-takers during upcoming administrations of the BCBA examination: Figure out how you learn best! For me, it was interaction and instant feedback. At first, I neglected this concept myself. I committed to reading the Cooper (aka: white bible) nightly and fell asleep each night, quicker than usual, a few pages in. Once I thought about my own study preferences, I ended up using several paid and unpaid resources to provide the interaction I needed. I’m completely aware that all of the information necessary to pass the exam is available for free in the Cooper text, but reading the textbook did not compliment my learning style. I was struggling and not comprehending the information I would read. So… think about your learning style and how you prefer to learn/learn best…. I loved FIT’s mock exams and guided review. I loved the interaction during the review and the instant feedback from the mock exams they include. I met with a study group weekly through work and hashed out concepts with two friends almost daily, whom I actually met on the “Students of ABA” Facebook group, as we studied. Interaction! We all purchased, used, and loved PassTheBigABAExam’s study manual. That is the one study resource I would choose if I could only choose one. I made flashcards with any information I was unsure about and practiced them almost daily, making new cards frequently. I used the free quizzes on the Prenhall website which accompanies the Cooper text. Feedback! So, my preferred studying methods: Lots of interaction with others through conversation, live study groups, or reviews. Lots of mock quizzes and flashcards with instant feedback on correct or incorrect answers. …and time. You have to put in the time. I studied MOST weekends after interchanging parts work and study on weekdays. Schedule your exam at the end of the month to allow extra studying time and keep the wait from test date to results as short as possible. …and, when you pass, thank your mentors!”




Study! Practice! Feedback! Oh yeah… Study group!


Thanks, Donnie! Congrats, BCBA!!!