BCBA Study Tips XLII

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English: My own photo of Pomona Freeway
English: My own photo of Pomona Freeway (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sorry I have been slow… I will get on with posting BCBA study tips more frequently…. And here’s another great tips for another newly minted BCBA… strangely enough… she lives in my old turf…


Caitlin Ryan Marcus of CA


“Study tips would be: know your stuff backwards and forwards, take the prenhall quizzes, review everything, and read every single answer and decide why it is or isn’t correct


“I graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with an M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2013; my thesis was “Comparing the Relative Effects of Edible and Tangible Reinforcers in Differential Reinforcement Protocols to Treat Food Selectivity in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder” with Dr. Mitch Fryling. I have worked with people with ASD and related disorders since 2008. I live in Southern California.”




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