BCBA Study Tips XLVI

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California State Route 1 Looking North
California State Route 1 Looking North (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kiara of CA, who uses a different last name… shares her study tips:

“I would recommend reading each chapter of the cooper book thoroughly-I used the guided notes for each chapter from the prenhall website as loved them! Also, reading the bailey and burch ethics book( very important)! I do not recommend the bds modules, but the manual I purchased from pass the big aba exam was great! Last, the guided review offered through Florida tech was worth every penny!!! Add all of those together with 2-3 hours of studying 4-6 days a week and you’ve got an excellent study package”

There you have it, the California style (or I’d rather have the Animal style).

I haven’t said this for awhile…  May the desired consequence be with you!


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