BCBA Study Tips LIII

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pattern power
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Well, the result for the May exam is in and I am still not done with the great tips I got in February! How about a triple tips threat?

Jenn Blake Holiday

“I definitely recommend the Global Autism Projects reviews and reviewing the scenarios in the Burch and Bailey Ethics book. Ethics questions are so tricky and always the ones to slip you up! Also, make tons of SAFMEDS and review them!!!! Good luck!”

Kate Lloyd of nor cal

“I used SAFMEDs, BDS Modules, read the Cooper book. Nothing special but, I do think that my work in the field helped a lot.”

Katy Palmer of VA

“I did the Bds modules. They really really teach you how to attend to a question and to find the “tricks” in questions. I did the cooper online quizzes, ppts and printed and completed all the cooper guided notes. I did not study at all the final week before the exam. I read each question on the exam twice before even attempting to answer”

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