BCBA Study Tips LIV

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I am not done with the February post yet but I have to rush the May tips out… there’s a method to my madness… so bear with me, but definitely worth it!

Cissy Harland Carter

“I did my coursework through FIT. I purchased the study guide (handbook) for each course. I would review each of my unit tests for things I missed and then review the handbook. I talked with others all the time trying to use the terminology and concepts. I analyzed daily activities for a behavioral explanation. I did the BDS modules to 100% and then reviewed each module that took me 4 or more tries to get to 100%. Many instructors on FIT had supplemental materials – I accessed many of those to help with my studies.

“I work in the public schools in Texas. I have 30 years in the field. I started out as a speech therapist. I coordinate autism programming for my district. My future plans are to do my best to make programming great for the students into district. I plan to be a lifelong learner – and hopefully lifelong teacher.”

FIT and BDS? SLP and BCBA? Thank you for sharing your tips with us, Cissy! Shout out and congrats to you!!!