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The skyline of the Sydney central business district in Australia. Sydney is the most populous city in Oceania and is Oceania’s only Alpha World City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great Tips from Down Under

Alexandra Brown of Australia, a Sage girl

” [I] did a great masters course (Sage) then reviewed Cooper Applied Behavior Analysis (2nd Edition)using guided reviews and quizzes on pren hall, own safmeds, and FIT mock. I only studied on weekends for 6-8 weeks beforehand. But have worked in the field since 1999 so that helps too. Thanks for the group!

“I run a small early intervention clinic in Sydney Australia. My main role s the development and supervision of intensive programs based on the principles of ABA (I hate saying we ‘ABA programs’-as people assume it’s all rote learned drilling). As a psychologist I also provide anxiety sessions, diagnostic assessments and other psychometric assessments. The concept of a ‘BCBA’ not widely understood yet in Australia. However I am on the board of the newly founded Association for Behaviour Analysis, Australia, so we a hoping that will change over the next decade.

And for those of you who are interested in Sage Colleges’ online ABA master’s program. Please visit here and my podcast… where I interviewed Dr. Dana Reinecke.

May the desired consequence be with you!