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Zack Migioia of  Virgina Beach, VA also passed the exam in May. He didn’t waste a second to say yes when I approached him for some study tips.

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Virginia Beach, largest city and part of largest metropolitan area (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is his advice:

“For those preparing for the BCBA exam:

I would highly recommend the BDS modules. I bought a 6 month subscription and felt like the modules really helped me learn the totality of the task list. The modules were helpful, but not sufficient for complete exam prep. Reading the Cooper book is non-negotiable. The white book provides great explanation of concepts and was helpful in so many ways. Reading the chapter summaries and completing the online quizzes that are connected to the book helped me prepare for the test. I took my first 3 courses through FIT and then completed the Masters program through Ball State University ( M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis ). FIT was so helpful for me and I would tell anyone who did not go through that program to enroll in the Guided Review. I did not personally do that, but I know those that did were greatly helped. What I did use was a mock exam through FIT. That exam really helped me see the questions that will be similar to the actual exam ( and they were, for the most part ).

I started studying in November 2012 and took the exam May 2013. I truly believe studying 6 months prior to the exam will give you sufficient time to fully prepare for the exam and pass 1st try. Many have failed after only studying 1-3 months, so I would say to anyone only wanting to take this thing 1 time: allow 6-12 months to fully prepare for the BCBA exam.

Zack Migioia BCBA”

Thank you so much, Zack for sharing your Jedi journey with us. He devised and worked his step-by-step game plan to perfection. He is a great model for us all. Plan your attack, give it time to develop your play, there you have it! You can also reach Zack at zack.migioia@gmail.com, go say hi and ask question.

Thanks again and I look forward to seeing and learning from you at a conference soon!

Shout out to Mr. Zack Migioia, BCBA!

May the desired consequence be with you!

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