BCBA Study Tips LXX

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Halloween is only days away… Kaitlynn Gokey, aka the Kait Lady, one of the many fine FIT co-instructors asks a few questions on Halloween over on the FB group, go check it out!

And Halloween is coming… so November is just around the corner…  I have two great, great, great tips posts which I will HAVE TO go back-back this week.

Let me start with Lana Revutsky of Brooklyn, New York. Remember awhile back I was pushing to roll out some May crop (and failed)? I was hoping to send her to her world travel tour in July but sith happens… anyway, here she is, back from overseas… smarter, stronger and more determined than ever. Take it away, Lana!

“I started studying 3 months out of my big exam. I first started with the BDS modules all the while obsessively combing through my FIT notes and aligning them with the task list. I had a filled out task list that someone shared with me but left it at traffic court where I beat a cell-phone ticket. In hind sight, this was a monetary fair trade agreement with the universe, as I ended up buying the Pass the Big ABA Exam manual which was the same price as my now beaten ticket. 9 hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night study sessions that mostly ended in my yelling at the CHH book, pacing in my office reciting facts and UMO’s while writing enough notes to render several dozen pens useless and provided a well exercised and well defined right forearm is how I think I passed this exam. I split the task list according the BACB website and attacked each section like someone trying to get home on an overcrowded 6pm train in NYC I gave myself 2 weeks per content area and left 9/10 for the last as it combines many terms and concepts from the other areas. I had many conversations on the FB’s Students of ABA. 15 hour study sessions with a new but now very dear friend and of course combed the internet for some magic formula that someone else used to pass. DON’T DO THAT! You will only make yourself crazy! The last 3 weeks before my exam turned into the craziest weeks of my life. I wrote a 15 page grant for my company, lost 10 pounds, slept 3 hours a night, and cried daily (I’m not even sure how I didn’t wither away from dehydration) The only advice I can give anyone tackling this mammoth of an exam is: it’s a marathon not a race. Pace yourself. Apologize in advance to all the humans in your life because maybe as I did, you’ll morph into some crazy version of yourself. Read the Cooper chapter summarizes. Do BDS. I repeat DO BDS! Don’t memorize them, really do them, take notes on concepts you don’t get, and discuss them with someone. Give your brain some breaks. I mean it! 12-hour study sessions are for college students hopped up on 2 pots of coffee! If its possible buy the Pass the Big ABA exam study manual, the Pass the Big ABA exam marathon weekend, and their mock exams. The manual will forever sit on my desk as a reference guide and their mock weekend scared me enough to study like a squirrel that only started to collect nuts in November. Lastly, just breath. Throw your weight at it. And remember its just a test. Not who you are and what you bring into this world.”

WOW! Thanks, Lana! Prepare, prepare, prepare, and be prepared! She knew it was going to be a huge battle physically, mentally and emotionally! And she did it!

Congrats and thank you, Lana!

We have one more from the May crop this week and we will move on to the August peeps.