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November – GAME TIME!

Halloween just came and left… I hope you had a wonderful time (don’t forget to donate some of your candies… think this is one of the sites…!) I am going to post the great tips from our brand new BCBAs/BCaBAs from the August crop… enjoy!

Megan Woods of AZ

“I was put through the ringer by my supervisors. I had three, including Sorah Stein! I think that the varied experience with my supervisors was a huge help. I also used the PASSTHEBIGABAEXAM study guide and listened to the lectures while I drove. And, I reinforced my studying by allowing myself to watch episodes of Prison Break. :)”

Great supervision and Premarck!  Now that’s a wining recipe!

What about a little info and future plan, Megan?

“I have been working in the field since 2009 after my nephew was born with Down Syndrome. Graduated NAU IN 2012 and took my time with supervision while I started my family. I plan to go into working with individuals with dementia someday but currently work with adolescents in a residential setting.”

Thanks and congrats, Mrs. Wood!

Exam takers, keep on trucking! Work that EO (and AO)!

May the desired consequence be with you!