BCBA study tips LXXVIII

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Rebecca Donnell of Texas, Texas State University


“haha if i had i would! i definitely would suggest Weinberg for people who have never taken it before. This was my experience: I took the BCaBA following a Weinberg study weekend and passed first try. Then on my first go at the BCBA I got sick inside of my exam and kind of had to forfeit. Round 2, I used my old Weinberg materials, plus some quizlet stuff that i found reliable (not a lot) and made sure I could give NON AUTISM examples (as that is the population I work with) of each term. Putting it real world terms instead of Autism made me SURE i understood.”

Thanks for the tips, Rebecca!

Funny enough, I think this is the first few times I heard a newly minted BCBA said Weinberg… what’s your take?