BCBA study tips LXXX

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Here comes tips from Alaska!!! | gettyimages.com


Emily Grace

“I carried my notecards with me everywhere! Road trips consisted of me sitting in the third row alone with my notecards! I even had a special bag for the notecards. Sounds super cheesy, but it worked!

“Just remembered this tip! My eyes were feeling very fatigued after two hours so I decided to play around with the different colors on the screen. I settled for the salmon colored screen and it gave my eyes a little rest and I ended up not needing to take another break! I thought it was foolish of me to not try that simple accommodation provided because I always tell my students to try changing the background or fonts.

“I currently live in Traverse City, MI, but I was introduced to ABA when I worked in Alaska. I taught there for 7 years in a school for students with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. I am currently teaching in the same kind of program in Michigan. Future plans? Go back to the Last Frontier as soon as I can.”

The Final Frontier, eh?

Cheese, salmon and orange? Now that’s a meal! I really like that Emily ABA-ed herself and manipulated the environment!

Thanks and congrats, Emily!