BCBA study tips LXXXIII

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State Seal of Indiana.
State Seal of Indiana. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Emily of Indiana

“I used the passthebigaba manual and literally read from the manual to record on my notes on my iPhone. I have a 50 min commute so I made myself listen for 20 min on my drive. I also did a 50 min recording of me reading all the ABA terminology and definitions. By reading it, saying it out loud and listening it really helped me retain it.

“I work at an ABA center in Indiana and my supervisor is amazing.”

We all hate driving (sadly for most of us, it’s part of the job)… instead of listening to songs… why not make it a little useful and study a little? Or listen to my interviews (click BCBA interview on the sidebar. I am going to record some more!!!)

Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Great job, Emily! Thanks for sharing your tips!

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