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MIA I was…

Sorry I lost track of things and I didn’t finish posting the August crop (of last year) and now I am way behind… well… I want you all to give a shout-out to Blake P. of North Dakota. He emailed me with his tips. So, let’s give him the stage:

BCBA Tips from Blake P. of ND


“I have been practicing ABA in North Dakota for the last 25 years. I took the exam for the first time in August and passed.

“The first thing I had to do was get my coursework at St. Cloud State University from 1989-1991 evaluated. Fortunately I had kept many of my text books and materials from back then and the BACB gave their approval. I think that says a lot for their program that their coursework from that far back qualified for the exam! They obviously have a strong program.

“I started gradually studying about 18 months ago and really ramped it up for the last 3 months. I got the new version of Cooper, Heron, and Heward (I used the first edition when I was in graduate school) and read it cover to cover. I also read the Baily and Birch ethics book and was part of a weekly discussion group which I participated in via video.

“In March I started using the BDS module series which I found very helpful. I completed these to 100% by July and also did their post test. I found the post test to be helpful as it had questions not included in the regular modules. It took me about three hours to complete and gave me a feel for what the real exam would be like.

“For the last month I started randomly using other people’s card sets on quizlet, completed the on line chapter quizzes for Cooper, Heron, and Heward, and began randomly going back through different modules from BDS.

“There is no substitute for studying. Even with all my coursework and experience I would not have passed if I did not study several hours each week.

“Good luck to everybody who is preparing to take the exam!”

Guys, there’s no quick fix…  make a long term goal, then shape your behavior, modify your game plan, divide and conquer! Of course, keep the white book (affiliate link) , Bailey (affiliate link) and BDS handy helps A LOT too!

Thank you Blake for sharing your study tips!

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May the desired consequence be with you!