What Do Jaime and I Have In Common?

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ABA nail
My nails painted.  For some reason, the rotation option was not available…

Things I Do For Love

Jaime from certain show did something quite, hmm, evil to show his love.

I did something quite different to show my love for ABA and my clients.  Yes, I got my nails painted as a reinforcer.  I might not be the smartest, strongest, most all-around man but I am man enough to serve as a nail-painting toy.

Functions vs Topography

As I said above, Jaime and I both did something for love.  However, the topography is VERY different.

Just remember there is more than one way to get things (or achieve that particular function).   Screaming, spitting, cursing, punching someone in the face can all lead to going to the principal’s office, which is a great way to escape from class work.  Different topographies, same results.

While Jaime did something quite unthinkable to show his love,  I showed my love for ABA and my clients by getting my nails painted.

How would you show your love of ABA?