Episode 6: Justin Daigle

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My first ever Facebook friend, Amy (check out her study tips here on my other blog), hooked me up with a great BCBA in her area. This great find is Justin Daigle.

Listen to his interview! We talked t-shirt, ice cream murder, TWERKING and Duck Dynasty (and how many times did I say “there you go” during the interview?)

Quick Summary:

Success: “Pass on the love of the science” by training students.

Failure: Kids who are “still out there” without meeting their goals because they moved, ended services or other reasons.

Book: “Applied Behavior Analysis“, Cooper, Heron and Heward.
Verbal Behavior“, B.F. Skinner

Article: “Some current dimensions of applied behavior analysis”, Baer, Wolf and Risley.

Quote: “Be a constant learner”

Check out his agency