Episode 8: Matt Brodhead

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A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the...
A partial view of Cache Valley, Utah, with the Wellsville mountains in sight. Partially overlooking Logan, Utah and part of downtown as well as the , as seen from Utah State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Matt Brodhead

I contacted Matt awhile back when he was about to defend his dissertation… well… now he’s a doctor! He’s in Utah but he’s about to move to IN… he’s a thrill seeker!
We talk business, t-shirts, Jack Michael, ABAI meetup and saving certain industry… one company at a time!
Quick Summary
Success: collaborate with local school district to build preschool and kindergarten classrooms with ABA service to children with Autism
Failure: attitude– ABA or highway… professional relationship at the beginning of the career
Book/article: “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carngie (and before the book question was asked…) and Surprise, Matt did not own the White Book before he got his BCBA, “Free Will” By Sam Harris, “Help at Any Cost” by Maia Szalavitz
Article: Laraway, S., Snycerski, S., Michael, J., & Poling, A. (2003). Motivating operations and terms to describe them: Some further refinements. JABA, 36, 407-413. 4.
Quote: none but check out his bloodline…
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