Why Am I Starting My Own Domain?

Actually I have been thinking about that for awhile… having my own domain would give me more freedom to do things I want… setting up email list and bonus stuff for those who stick around to read my stuff.

And I needed a change! I compared my newer posts to the older ones… I was more creative (alas, dumber) but I was thinking… I still crank out good stuff but it’s shorter than a funny skit on SNL. Most of the time, I am just doing a little good ol’ cut & paste with the tips from others.

And Why Not BehaviorJedi.com?

Well, I am not sure that would be an invitation for Mick and George to own me… so I will keep that name but the domain… 10-foot pole me not touching!

Like Pat Friman says, it’s repetition or contrast… so why not shake it up a little?

Hope you like the change… advice/suggestions/comments are welcome!